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With a decade of experience in creating professional video sets. Our company passionately captures unique moments filled with rhythm, melody, and an unforgettable atmosphere at your events. We constantly strive to push our boundaries, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience.


Visit our state-of-the-art and modern DJ studio in Prague. We offer the latest DJ equipment, including CDJ 3000 and DJM 900 NXS 2. Professional video and audio recording options are also available.


We specialize in the production and distribution of your music. Thanks to our platforms and marketing expertise, we provide you with the best conditions for the growth of your career.

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You can have great mixing technique and music selection, but if you don’t have a quality video set on DnB Portal, you don’t exist.


To work with the dnb portal team has always been a pleasure because after doing my first video set with them in 2022, I received so many new opportunities and bookings.

Zombie Cats

Professional team. Great working flow.

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